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Western Slope Chamber of Commerce

Elevate your next trip and explore our way of life.


Welcome To The Western Slope Region Great Outdoors!

If you are an urban adventurer, an outdoor enthusiast, or a thrill-seeker, elevate your next travel by exploring the Western Slope Region's breathtaking landscapes and unique attractions. 

Stay at one of E.I.D's RV/campgrounds that showcases our natural wonders and camp under a canopy of pristine woodland and bring man's best friend to join in the adventure.  Take in anyone of our 191 campsites, you’ll find a range of accommodations, and picture-perfect settings.  


Come explore our emerald lakes true potential by spending a day on the water or just cast a line in one of California’s great freshwater rivers and relax.  So, buy yourself a recreational passport, and put aside the deadlines and escape to the Western Slope Region, where every visit makes for a lasting memory.  ttps://

Tanya Testimony Pres.jpg

 The Western Slope Chamber of Commerce took interest in my small international business, connecting me with another local business, and poof! I was well on my way to building my international business.  I am grateful for their help, advice, and for understanding my business needs, and for their ability to get things moving. 

I've have witnessed the Western Slope Chamber of Commerce's never-ending commitment to it's community and it's perseverance, and gathering a collective vision, and taking note of the priorities needed to keep things running efficiently. 

I imagine folks who know Wanda, the President/CEO, are more than pleased to have her presence, justly marked with experience, seated firmly in position at the Western Slope Chamber of Commerce.   
Tanya Bowe, Coach - English Coffee Talk

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